Distortion (Edit) - Various - Electrical Safety (Vinyl)

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  1. Kazigal
    Distortion is the alteration of the original shape (or other characteristic) of something. In communications and electronics it means the alteration of the waveform of an information-bearing signal, such as an audio signal representing sound or a video signal representing images, in an electronic device or communication channel.. Distortion is usually unwanted, and so engineers strive to.
  2. Tajind
    May 16,  · Hi everyone,My first post, thanks in advance for reading:I've inherited a turntable which is aimed at DJ's, but I'd like to use it for semi-critical listening of my LP's. (My system is surely light-years away from achieving a quality listen).The table is a Numark TTX1 and the cartridge is a Stanton FS MP4 Cartridge (Spherical).
  3. Gardagore
    Vinyl does sound different of cd of course, not better, different. Vinyl is warmer due to a lot of default, which are pleasure to our ears. (Except clicks) The only thing where the cd is superior is in the dynamic range which is almost about 60db from all studio records because of the common noisefloor of a normal room (about 30db).
  4. Mejar
    Alternative masters for vinyl cost money, and mastering is a significant cost of producing a record. The reason for different masters is that producers possibly view digital media (like CD) and analog media (like Vinyl) to be different in nature, so they might produce a different master for each medium.

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